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Arista, meaning "the brightest, the best" in Greek, is the Valley leader when it comes to customer service in diagnostic imaging. Many patients have apprehension or concern when they need imaging, whether it is anxiety over the test and its results, claustrophobia, or memories of a prior bad experience at another imaging facility. At Arista Medical Imaging, we make it our priority to welcome you to our facility, make you feel comfortable, and provide the best diagnostic imaging experience possible.

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Arista, in Greek, means "the brightest, the best" and our team makes it their priority to offer that to every patient, every time.


Arista provides an unsurpassed focus on patient care and comfort, and is a Valley leader in patient satisfaction in diagnostic imaging.


Arista is dedicated to working with referring physicians to guarantee that they get the quality images they need for the best patient care possible.

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